Sleep Songs


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released March 6, 2012

Produced by RHYNO
Additional Vocals by Lindsay Vance, Matt Nicolae, and Andy Byrd



all rights reserved


RHYNO Washington, D.C.

RHYNO makes music.

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Track Name: Alpha Waves
I look
Across a second world, a landscape of mine own creation.
A world parallel to the perceived
But never touching.

I can see the moon that I created
Its presence shattering the night's slate.
The night's late
Supremacy is cratered.

Fallen to Earth, a sculpted miracle
A star, yet unborn, still burning to blaze.
I cast him up
For his family awaits.

My gaze lowers
A lone soldier, rooted in position.
Arms bearing fruit, though too tall to reach
He is illuminated.

Can it be vanity?
I seek only solace.
Seclusion from an oppressive reality
Where virtue is an illusion.

My world is no longer perfect
For now it is clear
That the one true imperfection within my creation
Is me.
Track Name: In Tongues
Every single thing you say gets lost in translation you don't speak like me no you don't speak, speak with words

From the same one in a billion rock in outer space yes we are the same yet we live in different worlds

We're both human so why can't we just share a little more in common please I just need to, understand you

Even if the whole world spoke a single language your verses and chorus would go unsung, you speak in tongues
Track Name: Euphoria
You waste your time
with these things you've had in mind
but I won't be stone for long
for long

but I've got your tongue
and I've got your wounded mind
but you fight your fears
and hold on to your side

where you belong
where you belong

now, there seems to be a part of me
that never leaves your mind, to find
a lie

oh, alive
(you've got your whispers on air)
with you

these ancient walls
are far too tall, to move to

where you belong
where you belong
where you have run
where you have run
is much too far for love

oh, alive
(you've got your whispers on air)
with you
Track Name: Burn
Burn Away
Track Name: The End
You can't say
Everything will be okay
Nothing will ever be the same

Every day
That we spent has gone away
Now we both share the blame

Soon comes the day
I can not picture your face
Photographs all that remain

Scent of your hair spray
Lingers on the bed I lay
Some days i think that i am insane

Memories fade
The fullness of our trust betrayed
Sleeping on the ground ashamed

Once unafraid
The sweetness of your laugh decayed
I hope you get back your flame

I'll never see you again
In and out of my life like a gust of wind
Lets not try to pretend
That this is not the end

I'll get over you
And you'll get over me
We'll live our lives separately
And create new memories
Track Name: Theta Waves
Not alone in this hole but I've lost all control
Heavy eyes open wide I have crossed the line
Track Name: The World Stops
Engaged in this subtle bliss
Who cares if the world caves in
All I know is I cannot miss

Claiming what is unknown
Owning what is already known
I will be the deepest degree
The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree

But this you already know
I've already won

Singing in my ears
The world stops
You've centered me

Ensnared by only you
I surrender to the truth
Track Name: The Undertow
Slippin and driftin in and out of cognition
And in an instant one more piece of the puzzle has gone missin.
Fact or fiction, lines blur when the beasts of the night stir.
Though your mind is racin, patience, just wait for the right words.
Lines merge, to form the shadows that you've come to know.
Let em take you down and surround you in nighttimes undertow
You can come and go time is right when the suns below,
Where everything you love and hold so close can go up in smoke (oh)
Or you can dance with dragons in heaven if moods right.
Save the world from evil, you could make love in the moonlight

Sometimes we all fall down
Find the strength to resist being drowned
Pick yourself back up again
Make the undertow your friend

Its up to the night to take you where it wants to lead.
Down the rabbits hole you go just waitin for your thoughts to bleed.
Right into the subconscious give into such nonsense.
when things that seemed preposterous turn into such monsters.
And cautions can't help in this land that you've been trapped in
Night it sends your plight to the man with the black grin.
Walls stand thin and you can break em so easy.
With your dreamland kin with these stakes you've been weaving
While not seeing, believing. Your thoughts bring this evening's
Hauntings perceive these strong scenes uneasily.
But peacefully seek another peak and you can transcend
Nothings what it seems and all the rules they usually can bend
These lands end your plans when they're strong in your heart
For til the sun dawns its spark you belong to the dark.
Track Name: A Better Place
Somewhere inside a deep and thoughtful sleep
Lies a lost side of a dream I cannot keep
Somewhere locked away and out of our reach
Is the meaning of the life we long to teach

Looking for another world
Oh for something good
But I can't say redemption lies there
Life is so misunderstood but let us love each other now
As if this world is all there is

Somewhere beyond all that has been handed down
Is a key with clarity of sight and sound
Somewhere beyond
Something inside